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Past life regression is the act of regressing a client back in time to a previous life lived through hypnosis.

Some people decide to try Past Life Regression to discover, release and resolve some deep emotional problems or behaviours which may be linked to their current situation.

Others try Past Life Regression through curiosity a feeling of being here before or perhaps having felt a connection with a particular place or persons.


I would firstly take some information on any current issues or problems you are having at present. We would do some breathing techniques and I would also teach you self-relaxation/ self-hypnosis.

We would then progress to deepening the hypnotic state into a deep trance. During this deep trance I will be communicating with your unconscious mind and this is how we will discover who you were in a previous life. And how that life time has impacted on this life time.

Believing that we have all had past lives, it could easily follow that we could bring past “stuff” from those lives into our present lives to resolve and release those emotions.

This can be many things such as:

Betrayals, bereavements, judgement.

Fears- e.g. heights, water, darkness, certain people, flying

Phobias - of closed/open spaces

Lack of confidence, anxiety e.g. public speaking

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