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A living light, high vibrational healing energy to nourish health and  wellbeing.


Your first treatment will include an initial consultation and you will be made to feel comfortable and relaxed. You will be fully clothed and can lie on a padded treatment couch with a cover for comfort, or if you prefer you can sit in a chair.

You will be asked to set an intention, as SourceSTAR® energy works on what you want to change in your life. The energy works on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Treating the whole person.

What is SourceSTAR?

The name sourceSTAR® is an acronym for Sekhem Transformed and Reborn, guided and connected to Source.

Source means the universe, all that is, or god 

SourceSTAR® connects to a loving compassionate gentle energy that brings about balance and healing at very deep levels, within the mind, body and soul.

SourceSTAR® originates from the ancient temples of Egypt.

The practitioner connects with the energy and gently places her hands upon your feet. The energy will flow through their hands into your being.

They will continue to work over your body in a combination of hands on or just above the body.

The session will last around an hour. You may experience tingling, warmth, peace, colours, or clarity.

Distance Healing is also available and is incredibly effective.  I would ask you to set an intention as to what you would like to benefit from the healing. We would arrange a suitable time  so that you can lie down to receive  the healing. 

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